Monday, September 1, 2008

Living and loving! As usual I've had some pretty amazing times, but it's so annoying trying to write all of down...I really can't be in the mood unless you guys decide to comment a little more than zero times. It's sortof hard writing like 10 pages for nothing so yeah...just thought I'd give a little heads up to my "fans" if there are retrospect there may just be about "0" as well...but whatever. Loved your stories Joel. I've had a whole bunch of "water" fun as well mixed in with the general stuff. Saturday I pretty much stayed here all day and played cards, then went bike-riding in downtown rush hour for about an hour or so. when I got back I was told by anna that I was late to leave so I rushed to my room, rushed to pack, and rushed to get to her dorm and car so that we could leave. about 2/3 of the way there I got a phone call. Apparently, Anna had been "mistaken" and we would not leave to pick up Joseph from the airport and his Costa Rican trip for another 1/2 hour or so. And she just couldn't understand how being at her dorm loaded down with luggage for the whole weekend and being out of breath could be classified as an "inconveniance." Sisters! whew...she stuffed me in the lobby for half an hour while she did whatever girls do best up in their rooms. So there I was in the lobby of a girls' dorm feeling and looking awkward all by myself. But I stoically resisted being shamed and whipped out my trusty laptop! It's so easy to look busy with one of those in your backpack. I signed into email and chat and found that for once I had emails in my inbox so I read them and replied to one. cara was on the whole time and after my email I opened a chat link only to find that Cara "had to go" and I had caught the last 30 seconds...Girls! But luckily Emma came on to save the boring day...and right as I typed the first line down comes my sister about 10-15 minutes early to announce that yet again plans have been changed and we are leaving I wanted to gracefully taper off the conversation, but Anna was impatient. we were "late" now and she couldn't tolerate even a minute...of course the timing was all her fault and she exaggerates terribly. Anyway I kept saying how I had to taper conversations not just leave and the end result was that she took my computer...typed 3 lines and slammed it closed...sorry Emma! But anyway my life...anna is super efficient but sometimes a little annoying like that. When we finally got to the airport to see my dear brother we ended up waiting for 10-15 minutes. Talk about ironic! So we all loaded up to go to G-ma's house and hear about the tropical trip. Joseph talked for about 3 hours telling us all about the awesome things he did for 2 weeks in one of the prettiest countries in the world. He had some amazing pictures and the waterfalls and wildlife were gorgeous. Finally at about 11:30 at night we were forced to cut Joseph's story short and go home to get to about dissapointing! :-)

That was a pretty awesome night as well...end result I ended up staying up until 3 again doing crazy things like building a lego tower about as tall as me. That's right! The base was only and 8 by 8 but the tower shot up like a needle to fantastic heights. Not exactly one of my lego wonders, but it was really pretty and fun to make. Here's some pics and a video of it and my surrounding creations.

Anyway...the week kept getting better! Sunday we had an awesome message and worship...I felt a great connection and was called to share 2 times once to my family and once to the entire church up on the podium. Afterward we headed out to Lunch and finally to my uncles lakehouse! Where we spent an entire afternoon surfing on tubes and disks. Me and Jonny actually did most of it on our knees and it was pretty cool...sitting on there going super fast and just letting go and holding up the "no hands." We had an awesome time! There were two of lexi's friends there too...California girls! ANd they were a lot of fun...we stayed there until pretty late too, watching CSI, playing cards, and generally being goofballs in a social situation. I was feeling pretty sick though...I've been sick with something for about 2 weeks and last night it was even worse than usual. I prayed and my uncle proscribed some medications to take which I did. Unfortunately it didn't kick in until after we left but it did make me feel good. Then I finally caught up on sleep, cleaned my grandparents' house, and filmed movies of my lego weapons destroying eachother and taking out towers and ships. My weapons are so powerful now that I hardly ever use them because the cleanup takes more than the fun. My catapults can fling shells and rocks across the room. My giant artillary and the giant crossbow machine fire large and small bolts at targets. The crossbow can hit almost anything dead's great for precision. Unfortunately my memory card kept filling up so I can't show you these amusing video's yet. Have fun with this though...till then!


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