Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Poem Questions: The wisdom of the world


Have you ever wondered whether sky meets earth someplace?
Have you ever wondered whether life is out in space?

Have you ever ridden on a thought--
And flew away till time was not?

If you have, then you will know--
that life is but a question--so...

Whatever are we doing here?
However can we be?
Whatever is there in the mind
that's waiting here in me?

How can I live a happy life?
whatever is disgrace?
Could it be that what we see
Is really just a face?

How much is mind--and what is real
If shadows twist the world?
Whatever is there to believe
If mind is not a pearl?

And if the mind is relative--
Adrift upon the wind
Then how can we be sure of truth?
A nauseating blend...

If question mind than question time
For isn't it inside?
For if our thoughts are fiction too--
Well what is there to hide?

And if the mind is relative

Then what--in truth--remains?
For isn't what we see in life
The apex of our brain?

And if my life just isn't real
Then is there even me?
These questions they are endless streams
A logic I don't need

And if my life is but a scrap
a parcel in my brain
Then what? My name? My very frame?
What reference is there left?

This convoluted logic streams
From thoughts adrift from God
For if we move my Lord from life
What remains--but sick facade

With God all questions fade away
To gently murm'ring whispers
With God in sight, my life has light
A precious joy--a vesper...

~Dan Midgett 8/04/08 12:30 AM

A tower-building exercise...

One day...long ago...on primordial earth--when pangaea still ruled the continents and the waters of the flood were still receding...a tower was built to bridge heaven and earth...the scornful ruler was ancient Nimrod and he blasphemed that holy name with his pride...thinking that he could bring heaven to himself by building the tallest tower that has ever been created. But God in his justice judged Nimrod and brought him to shame...he threw confusion into the workers of that kingdom scattering man across the earth and giving him a myriad of languages with which to confound the unity of the nations...

Now in the 21st century this tower is revealed again built entirely of Jenga blocks! this tower is taller than me and is narrower than my hand...a proverbial needle built entirely with a triangle framework which I discovered was actually stronger than the classic square...and the balance was uncanny...surprising what is possible when you put your mind to it...

The Weird THings of the World

Wow that was weird...a few nights ago this hypno-therapist came and put on a show for us. A hypno-therapist is someone who hypnotizes people and plants aversions to things like smoking in them...that way it is easier for them to break the habits...This guy was awesome...he hypnotized like 30 people and put on a show with them...

First he sorted the group so that he had the best "subjects" that part was cool and I was actually one of the good subjects although I didn't want to go up there and be can't do anything against your morals while you are hypnotized but it does loosen them so you do more that you would normally be scared to do...and are more you don't remember any of it when you wake up so I didn't like it. It was fun to watch though...his tests were all imagining...apparently good "subjects" do things when they imagine circumstances strongly like he told me to clasp all of my fingers and hold up the pointers then he had me look between them and try to hold them apart while imagining that a rubber band was pulling them together and it didn't work my fingers snapped together like there was a real rubber band and I couldn't hold them apart...then he had us hold out our arms and imagine that a balloon tugged upwards on one while the other had a heavy weight...and the balloon arm lifted up on its own while the weight arm was cool and freaky seeing my body do things from imagination...

so then he took the best people and had them do all this crazy he hypnotized them and then told them to be celebrities and a crowd with different people having different was so funny the people acted like stars and the crowd like a real crowd...while they were hypnotized they believed whatever he told them...3 people in the audience became hypnotized while he was speaking and he called them down to the stage and they came...and he told them all these crazy things like one guy he told to start dancing whenever this type of music came on and he did...and it was funny because the guy didn't remember being told to dance so he'd be like..."dude what are you doing? we're trying to put on a show here!" and the guy wouldn't remember why he randomly got up to dance...the celebs were funny too they actually tried to dance and sing too and as they were waking up he gave them post commands like one girl he told to straighten the chairs when she woke up...the other to scatter them and this one guy to stand up on his chair and yell: "I'm sexy!" and this other guy to pretend he was James Bond and when his theme song started playing to sneak to the back wall and they all did was so funny and kindof weird too...but the guy was nice and from what I could see of his face he was just using it to amuse us...I'm sure it could be used to do bad things too though...better yet when all the people woke up they didn't remember a thing of all the crazy stuff they had done...Oh boy you'd have to be there but it was hilarious...we laughed so much that he told his subjects that whenever we clapped or they heard laughter or noise instead of him that it was just going to make them more relaxed that way we could laugh all we wanted and it didn't even phase the people...

~Dan from the city of slush
"All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."