Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Poem Questions: The wisdom of the world


Have you ever wondered whether sky meets earth someplace?
Have you ever wondered whether life is out in space?

Have you ever ridden on a thought--
And flew away till time was not?

If you have, then you will know--
that life is but a question--so...

Whatever are we doing here?
However can we be?
Whatever is there in the mind
that's waiting here in me?

How can I live a happy life?
whatever is disgrace?
Could it be that what we see
Is really just a face?

How much is mind--and what is real
If shadows twist the world?
Whatever is there to believe
If mind is not a pearl?

And if the mind is relative--
Adrift upon the wind
Then how can we be sure of truth?
A nauseating blend...

If question mind than question time
For isn't it inside?
For if our thoughts are fiction too--
Well what is there to hide?

And if the mind is relative

Then what--in truth--remains?
For isn't what we see in life
The apex of our brain?

And if my life just isn't real
Then is there even me?
These questions they are endless streams
A logic I don't need

And if my life is but a scrap
a parcel in my brain
Then what? My name? My very frame?
What reference is there left?

This convoluted logic streams
From thoughts adrift from God
For if we move my Lord from life
What remains--but sick facade

With God all questions fade away
To gently murm'ring whispers
With God in sight, my life has light
A precious joy--a vesper...

~Dan Midgett 8/04/08 12:30 AM

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