Monday, August 25, 2008

School! At Last!

Oh my! I'm going to so totally have a blast here! I absolutely love Lipscomb...It's like everything good about school rolled into one! Not only do I get to choose my own courses so they are all interesting...I also get to schedule myself and my own homework which is so perfect for me. I always work best when I just organize it all myself...the homework just gets itself schedules, no screaming mothers, and definately no study assignments that I don't enjoy...I get to prepare myself my way...which is pretty freakin' awesome for those of you who haven't gotten here yet...

So today I had my first 3 classes. I (cleverly) scheduled only 3 on Monday and made sure the first one didn't start until 9:00 that way I have plenty of breaks and "me" time. So this morning was just about the smoothest most greased thing I've ever about travelling on a super-speedway of butter...oh boy...wake up at 8:00 after an awesome night of playing Dutch Blitz with my awesome Engineering and Physics friends...(which by the way I was the best at despite having just learned it)...just thought I'd inform you all of that! So I leisurely showered and got ready...meandered on down to the cafeteria to choose from the most massive selection of foods ever! And THEN, finally I went to a class. It was Calculus II which I learned won't teach me anything new until the last chapter of this semester...oh boy! Don't you love college? So then they gave us like 40 integration across curves problems, but whatever...the stuff is elementery really...AP Calculus and what I studied put me way ahead of the curve it seems...*hehe* get it "ahead of the curve?" I'm such a dork...

Better yet I learned that helping eachother with homework is actually disirable now...the teachers want the students to work together and teach eachother so it makes it all more like a sweet awesome family...I'm not anticipating helping all those girls though...our class has like 40 people! (lol...was that SEXIST? oopsie!) So yeah it's awesome...students are like together all the the middle of school we just hang out so you can schedule chilling with friends and playing awesome games and sports into the middle of the school day...and we have all these awesome "hanging" spots that they built for us...the student center is pretty amazing! they actually have like 3 free wii stations downstairs as well as a billion TV's and about 1000 tables and chairs and couches and lounge areas...Lipscomb is freaking rich!

Then my other classes were this Honors Bible program which turned out to be awesome because there is like no writing...we read, speculate, and then debate, so much cooler than theology lectures and term papers...and then my last class was the awesome Engineering one...learned all about all the awesome things we get to build and, fun!

Anyway I'm having a blast! This is like hyper-accelerated ADD rigid structures at just show up for your scheduled classes and work everything else out around those on your own...for instance I just got asked to join the flag football team for High Rise since I'm so awesomely fast! They noticed and asked me after like the first ultimate frisbee game I played so yeah...this is great I'm living and loving and doing everything I find fun...the only things I need are legoes and computer-cam and microphone...

Speaking of scheduling fun things this afternoon I was chilling with some good friends for hours...and we played Catch Phrase for about 2 of them. Love that game! And I'm so good at it too...I annoyed this girl so we changed the rules so that you can't pass unless your team gets it but the other team can guess to and try and beat you to yeah...I got totally in tune with all those subliminal girl signals that they pass (it was boys vs. girls) ...I don't know if that is good or bad lol...I was getting the things like every second...I got 3 in about the space of 8 seconds...yay! it frustrated them no end! NOW we're actually having a late-night walk which is so amazing! I love night walks!

~Danny Midgett

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