Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Well fancy that! It's been 10 months...let's see if anyone notices ;)

Well...as an exasperated friend said one day when I told her she was doing terrible at visiting her friend's blogs: "Well you haven't posted anything on yours in forever."

True...I had actually forgotten I had one and that's because I posted about 10-15 blogs and never got a single comment. It was quite depressing I assure you...but, since blogging is half letting yourself think, I might as well post another and maybe even more, but of course I can't tell anyone because then that would spoil it. To those that find me...hope you enjoy. To those who don't. Well suffice it to say "I treasure my own company!" As the infamous Midgett theme song goes. lol...

Here is my latest poem...interesting story behind this one actually. To those who know me I usually write on the spur of the moment. It takes a special feeling or urge that is strongest when God is strongest in me... In many ways, it is exactly like other expressions of the spirit, my songs and poems. This one came about a week after CFO, when after sitting in a chair just sortof sitting and thinking, and letting God's peace rest on me...I sat up and felt a burning in my chest. I KNEW that feeling. A few seconds later snatches of poetry started drifting through my mind and so I ran as fast as I could back to my room, grabbed a notebook, my laptop, and a pen and began writing. It began as simple lines, and as many of my poems have done developed a rhyme scheme a little ways into it. This one is quite simple, but also very lovely, especially if you read it out loud and let the words sortof drip off your tongue. This one was crafted for the beauty in the way the sounds are pronounced, therefore mind-reading, although effective, does not bring out the full power behind the poem. Also, like many, it tends to ramble some, because for a good part of it I was just writing all the verses that came to my mind, some on my computer, and when the keys started acting up again I grabbed the pen and wrote in my notebook. Then I pieced the two together. Unlike Soul-Song True, and other of my compositions, this one I changed as I read back through it in several areas...And I didn't finish the ending until several days later...enjoy!

Footfalls in the Land of Ice:

May it lash the shores of spirit-filled existence
May it swallow whole, the grasp of life that grins far beyond the world of colours

Beat, to another tune
Look, to another heart
Fight, in another mire
It’s your turn to start

Fly—to a higher tower
Look—unto each plane
Level—upon the hour
But soul is set aflame

Fire—echoes upon each scream of mercy
And we know, we know, the essence of our own

Each spark-filled thought, lifted to the Creator of Lights
Each hallowed heart swept up in spirit-filled ecstasy

And ah! We know the life that we must yearn for

Echo me—and echo true
Actions—hope—to play or do?

When will hope meet life or breath?
When will deep meet sky or death?

August rush, this is my dream
To follow far, then sketch the scene

To look to left then flee the right
To look in heart, then stand and fight

The world sings deep, a searing white
It seeks to fill the path I lead

But hope remain, till this I finish
To detract from an awful blemish

Action! Action! World of hope
Sing long upon our virgin slopes

The world’s own song will never quail
The living song of our travails

Buoyant, buoyant, living hope
To breathe a deep, that God bespoke

Your name upon the living slopes
Of life within the evergreen

God oh God! Restore your son
The kill is bent upon your one

To breathe the life of ever-pain
Will mean to be made whole again

Fire! Fire! Burn within A
pyre of stone that’s set in sin

It crowds my life, but gentle breath
Will sweep the cobwebs out again

Fire! Fire! Oh the pain!
The roar, it echoes, on each strain

A booming voice proclaims our life
The life within—within what’s in

Hope for life, the poor-man’s game
To spurn your greed, will get you slain

For selfishness is virtue here
Within this land of oblique/clear

Listen world! To ears that hear:
An echoed song that draws our tears

A song of life that calls for love
An action that is more than fear

Listen, listen world of snow
For love is more than levers thrown

A voice has called upon your blame
Will you not--sing strong again?

Join the call, consume your life
Embrace the path that means to fight

And shatter forth—your matrix hold
To join the ranks of Zion’s souls

Echo-breath, this is our dream
To live in death, to form each scream

To follow close, then plunge our life
Beneath the maw of martyr’s knife

Tableau-fold, bring soul aright
Begin the song that pierces night

And sing your dream for better hue
A color far beyond your blue

Water! Water! Drench my sin
So I can be made whole again

And cream the crop of my demise
Into a passion for you name

To reach within the ecstasy
A soul—to snatch—my game

Not fall beneath the shadowed veil
--Apostasy in pain

My life a swirling blizzard runs
My footsteps are a world of snow

As frost and coldness creep upon
A life that lives my own

So when that chill descends upon
The reservoir within

I gather life, I gather love
And stoic, fail to bend

To coldness reaching deep within
I say: “Be still, my heart therein”

And turn my footsteps forward again,
To face the land of ice and snow

Then, lonely, sing of hearts long gone
The friends I left, the life I bid

The beauty drowned beneath the past
And followed by the future’s call

I sing to life, I sing to love
I sing of all my God has done

And thank the Lord of Lights above
That he has born the past I led

Adieu my love, adieu my known
The unknown claims my destiny

My footfalls of the past are filled
And now I focus on the sea
That shifts and drifts in front of me…

~Dan Midgett, 10:36 PM, July 18, 2009

To all who have the time, hope you enjoyed it...I can't tell you how happy I am that I felt the urge to write my poetry again,It's been a little while now...


Scotland said...

Great job on the poem, Dan! Very good. It had an original quality I don't see very often, not to mention a lot of depth and emotion.

Good to see you posting again too. ;)


Bethany said...

Howdy! Thanks for following!

It would be helpful if you had a "follow" option on your blog, I tend to forget to check people's blogs if they're not on my dashboard!

Danzibar said...

Hey! Thanks guys! It sure was fun to write anyhow. ;)

In answer to Bethany's question I'll try. I really haven't posted in 10 months and I'll have to see if I remember how to do that. But usually things on computers aren't too hard. Thanks again.

Danzibar said...

okay...that was easy, took all of 20 seconds to figure out! ;)

Bethany said...

Woot! I'm following!

"All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."