Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Being Physically Restrained is more annoying than I first thought:

hey guys!This is a short post to friends far away to let you know that Dan finally hurt himself... Big surprise...I never get hurt. I actually have the nickname invincible lol...but yeah

turns out I'm not so invincible as we all once thought. So yeah...basically I was playing racquetball this Friday and was doing really well...I love that sport! in fact I dominated my two singles rounds with scores like: 15-8 and 15-7. we were playing a doubles round where I had a partner and it was a bit crowded in there with 4 people...near the end of the game, when I was serving up front...a ball was hit that bounced high up against a wall up front...I ran forward and jumped along the wall because if I could reach it, it would be a perfect front slam and I could have scored an easy point because I had a side shot at the front. plan of running into the wall while hitting the ball failed this time...the ball barely got away...not because I didn't get to it, but, well...I'm still not sure attention was occupied at that time with this unique feeling in my ankle of it being squashed sideways underneath the weight of me bent sideways and I felt the ligaments crackle and snap, and then it was over. For a few seconds I was like: "No biggie...I just rolled my ankle, but then it started burning" and I got down clutching my foot. Two of the players were senior pre-med students and they quickly felt it over and diagnosed me, and told me that I needed to put it up outside and so they helped me stagger out. Eventually the pain faded to a throb and I found myself incredibly annoyed that I was watching a cutthroat game and couldn't play. However, my ankle continued to hurt. I hobbled around campus for a while waiting on anna to leave and then hobbled to the car...I was happy however impaired and I figured like all minor injuries I would wake up with my ankle fine and it would just be a something minor. that didn't happen. I still maintain that it will be fine and I think it's doing better...but I still can't run...or even walk without it hurting every step. worse yet I'm definately not going to be able to carry my backpack around campus monday...and so I'm still trying to figure that out. It's also swelling around the spot that continues to hurt and that side of my foot looks like I'm fat...I've been icing it all day but so far it hasn't helped and it still continues to make weird cracking sounds when I stand up to fast or try to put too much weight on it. I look hilarious when I walk. Anyway...prayers would be appreciated...I'm really hoping that this is nothing serious...and just a sprain that will go away...I've been told bad injuries with ankles and knees can affect their performance for life...or at least make it way more likely that it will happen again. Again...pray for me...I am beginning to get a little worried about it because it's not improving like I's not one of those things that I can walk off like I'm used too. All in all, it's rather an odd experience for me...I can't ever remember having an injury that kept me from being able to walk and play sports if I wanted too...I've never broken a bone...never torn anything...and rarely even pulled a fact I don't think I ever have. It's ironic that I spent my life doing dumb things like jumping from rock to rock on slippery boulders in my bare feet and sprinting down trails covered in large rocks in my crocs and never had a problem until I injured myself in a perfectly normal way playing a perfectly normal sport. I'm not joking when I say my footing is very good...I've spent my life backpacking and sprinting down trails covered in rocks and roots...I can go faster than anyone I've ever met on those terrains and my feet rarely slip...if they do it is easy for me to catch myself with my hands or in a I said again pray that this will be healed okay... for those of you that have had injuries you're prob. laughing at this, but it is new to me...I really don't get hurt or sick all that often. in fact, we've had about 3 or 4 sicknesses come through in the past month and I stayed well through all of them... ~anyway...farewell...have a good weekend! I just wanted to let you know the interesting things that are going on in the life of Dan! I know God is good no matter what happens. ~Dan midgett


Danzibar said...

by the way...this was written like Sunday even though I just posted it now...still pray, but It is doing much, much better. I can almost do everything I did before now but not quite... ;)

Kendra Logan said...

Gosh, that sucks! Weird that you would injure yourself in such a mundane way compared to all your other stunts, lol! I’m glad it’s doing better now. I’ll be praying.


Bethany said...

oooh dear!!! :( :( GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!!
One of my best friends hurt herself in ballet, she was turning on one foot and sort of crunched her ankle. She and even the teacher thought it was just twisted but a day or two later it was still really bad....went to the doc and found it was fractured...poor lass has got an awesome-cool scar on her ankle [from her two surgeries] but was out of ballet for a year, and was on crutches for like 4 months...not awesome. I'll be praying!

Danzibar said...

thanks for your's really improving now...I just wear an ace-wrap to make sure I don't re-twist it and it gets sore quicker...but it's doing very well now...annoyingly enough I not awesome at sports anymore though... :( hopefully that will improve too as the ankle gets it is, it's still hard to take off quickly or move fast in any way...which is what I always used to do...I love moving fast! :(

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