Thursday, September 10, 2009


I hope to have a longer entry soon. Until now, I'll post this small snippet of encouragement. Enjoy and stay tuned!

To Muse:

Look what
Lilting waves of pure sonnet that drift with the fragrance born of soul-song.
The haunting songs of footsteps speak upon the doorsteps of a world asleep.
The being whispers through sky and city...lilting like a lark as it drifts
From door to door...hour by hour the song echoes through all we live in and all we breathe.
It is the life-song the God-song...and it longs to be united with our soul-song.
Diaphanous whispers of purple vapor drift like lace across the edges of our minds,
The spring echoes, then moves on--who hears?
Music--the soft sound of a world rejoicing in what it once was--a cry of restoration;
Referendum of creatures--life-song.
The voice calling like a ghost of our past--haunting in the light of a bitter moon:
For us to be more than we are...
What lives we live oh sleepers,
What breaths we breathe, encased in minds of lead.
There is a hope that has whispered for generations...
When will your soul speak soul-song again?
~Dan Midgett 12/25/08 10:00 PM


Kendra Logan said...

I love it! Your poems (the ones I've read) have such a mysterious, sort of dreamy quality. I love that.


Bethany said...

I like it also! With poems, for me it seems like I have to really concentrate to understand anybody else's work....but in your case it is well worth it!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for your comment on my blog!

Danzibar said...

Thanks's more of a thought then a poem, but I'm glad you liked it!

Earwen: yes, your welcome to the comment, it did turn out quite long didn't it?

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