Monday, December 14, 2009


Yes...I am doing finals...and yes, although in an interesting kind of way I do find them fun I'm about ready for them to be over this year...Since it's late and I'm so lazy at posting...I will again cop out with another of my recent seems I can't post on here but I have no trouble writing otherwise! ;)

Dream Realm:
Color your walls, and glitter your sight.
Hope became rain when the rain became night.
When hope was a dream and I swam in the blue,
Then I knew what I know, for I know what I knew...

When touch was a heartache, and flowers were pain,
When I knew that the walls that once bound me were dreamed,
If the colors were all that divided the light,
Then the rain would be less of a riotous sight.

To follow a sign, and put hope in divine,
To embrace the slick road that you lead.
To ever bring motion, to static devotion--
A God that is life in the dream.

To follow a shore-bird, appointed to northward,
Then color the white with your blue.
As the tracks of the ocean, rebounded with motion,
I'd find what I'd always known true.

What I'd give to be frozen...drift over the ocean,
And follow the froth of the bream.
What I'd give to live northward, in the realm of the goatherd,
And feed off the bountiful sea.

The calving of flock, would yet sing with the rock,
As it ground 'neath the weight of the tree,
And the alpine would go and give way to the snow,
Till buried--was all--that I'd be.

In an ocean of ice, I'd extol my new life,
And I'd dance in the heart of that dream;
As I followed the ocean to a land of devotion
Far beneath the deep blue of the sea.

There the darkness would fade, but the colors would stay,
And I'd sit in the bowels of the deep,
As I swallowed precotion with epic devotion,
And I sought the dear life of the free...

~Dan Midgett, 12/15/09 11:43 PM

I really wish I was in the world this poem describes right now...that's probably why I wrote it...


Anonymous said...

:P good luck with finals. :)
loved the poem!!!!!!!! :D

Isaiah English said...

Your title is almost relevant again! ; )

Danzibar said...

yeah I know...actually I check this about once a week...but every time I end up deciding that I don't have time to make another post! ;) it's funny...

Gray said...

You're back! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I've been somewhat absent from the blogging world. And we all missed you.

How's your poetry coming?

I just started writing my own again. I think you're the only other person I've heard of that has a passion for it.

Danzibar said...

oh? Yeah...I've been somewhat absent as well...I just randomly pop in you know! ;)

Yeah...actually my poetry has been coming along pretty well...I've written quite a few new ones since Dream Realm...the way it usually goes with me is I'll have a large gap where I don't write and then I'll suddenly get a large burst of inspiration and write a long new poem or several of them at once...

Thanks for checking up on me!

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