Thursday, June 24, 2010

Because I can!

Q: why am I posting new blog?
A: Heck, why do I do anything? ;)

Q: why did I vanish from the blogging world for half a year?
A: Well, frankly, because I can, but more importantly because no one ever asked me not too. Frankly if anyone was interested in what I had to say they would have told me to say something. Isaiah got the closest I believe, kudos to you kid! *thumbs up* ...I would write you a poem since I do that a lot, but frankly, I'm not going too...and why? Because I can...

If it seems like my logic is going in circles it's because it is. If you're worrying your head over and over again trying to figure out what the heck I'm trying to accomplish by posting this...I'd say take some aspirin and sit back. Because, frankly, when I write, well I write. Actually, my shortest contributions are usually when I copy things in...another random fact for anyone who cares... And now, I feel like believing in myself. It's quite fun for all you depressed people who are down on yourselves...So...for everyone who is curious...and everyone who has been struggling through the muddled mess of my logic to get to this point...and for everyone who hates the fact that I've just used 4 ellipses in this sentence...I will say, calmly, yet again:

I believe my point couldn't be clearer, despite the fact that it's, quite frankly, about the consistency of mud. Speaking of mud...our pond is almost gone...but that's another story.

I will now tell you, quite simply, how I feel. I FEEL AWESOME!!!!!!! AMAZING! SPECTACULAR! ECSTATIC! JUST SIMPLY FABULOUS!!! in fact, the only thing that would make me feel any happier would be if someone would talk to me...because, quite frankly, I like talking with people. if anyone has noticed a recurring theme in my words that's because there is...And yes: I do it because I can...

Well here's the scoop folks. I mean the real one complete with a cone, triple stacked, and laden with at least several ounces of chocolate syrup, nuts, and those funny like sprinkles that they like to chuck up there. So: I've been looking for a job. In fact, I've been looking for a job for about the past 6 weeks. Oh, I do your odd job here and there, but nary a steady job to be found. I had put in about 50 or 60 applications. I dressed nice, spoke smoothly, and everywhere I went no one wanted to see me. Then, miraculously, I got a call from Kroger. I had been selected along with about 30 other applicants to apply for a tiny selection of positions that had just opened up. So I dressed up, brought my organizer, school schedule, misc. folder, and my other things and I sat....yes that's right my friends...I a room!

Sure there was another lady in the room, and she talked pretty much the whole time, but I mean, I was SITTING which was really the point. So this lady that I mentioned was talking, and she was talking rather a lot...I mean, on a scale of 1 to 10 of talkers she was probably a 9. A delightful 9 I'll tell you, but one nonetheless. In the first 2 minutes of discussion this talkative, delightful lady made it clear that in order to get hired I would need to work during the school-year and I would probably need to work during the school week as well. All fine and dandy except that's a 40 minute drive one-way and I'm living on campus. I assured her, that I would try to work something out and seriously thought about the possibilities of working around my massively difficult Fall schedule. Luckily I had it right there and she took a look at it too. And soon she was all smiles again. In fact, she gave me some very positive feedback on my interview and made it clear that I had looked professional and desirable. When she learned I was a 4.0 student she told me she had guessed it, and when my department manager for the position I was applying for came up for a personal interview, his first question after he heard my name was whether or not I was related to a Sharon Midgett, my grandmother. When he heard that I was he skipped the entire interview and instead told the lady what a great family I came from and how he was sure I would be a good candidate. I left feeling great except for the fact that I had, quite possibly, killed myself next semester.

Later after discussing it with my parents my apprehension grew. I had given a great interview and it looked like I would very seriously be considered, but I wasn't sure I could handle a semester like what I was creating. I was already carrying 19 hours, and the Junior enineering students had already told us stories about the upcoming semester, portraying it as the hardest semester of the engineering career. Their advice to me was that 16 would be difficult and that I should drop a class. Now, after I had already ignored their advice I would be carrying 19 and making an hour and a half commute to a job that wanted 18-22 hours a week during the school year. Not only was the job was impossible to manage.

After praying with my parents, all of us got the same answer. That if I was called back I should tell them I couldn't handle the work next semester. So, sadly, when I recieved a call from Tammy Sue, the delightful lady, 3 days later eager to hire me, I had to tell her that I couldn't handle the upcoming semester and so I couldn't work. To my surprise she changed her tune then, not sure why, and asked me if I was sure...and whether or not I could just manage 18...the minimum for a part time worker. I told her it was impossible unless it was on Friday evenings and Saturdays when I was on my way back home anyway...but I had already told her this in our interview and she had said that that wasn't going to work. Then comes the amazing part. When I said this she said: actually we just hired a new guy that can cover for you during the school week that will work fine. So when do you want to come in for orientation?

...and that was that. Now I have a good job and I work with awesome people in the meat department at Kroger's. So God is awesome. After 6 weeks of searching and searching for jobs he gave me one...and, I must admit, the whole thing was a bit miraculous! ;)



Anonymous said...

Even when you are gone, your words change lives.

Bethany said...

DAN!! :D Glad to see you back...and I think rather often about you, wonder how you're doing, especially when I see your blog listed on me own blog :D and I wish you would post....we DO want you to keep talking :)

and YAY for getting a job! I'm worrying about the same thing myself...not doing an engineering major NEXT year, but am going to have a massively full school schedule and I really want to work....I'm pretty sure I could get a job at our local natural foods grocery but where is the TIME...
I can use ellipses TOO! hehe

AND I am so glad you are happy, I am getting more that way all the time, God has blessed me in so many ways: chiefly I think with the ability to be happy a LOT
If you happen to see me online on Facebook and I don't see you, pop me a chat message :)

Anonymous said...

oh dear, 50 to 60 applications?! goodness!!!

and I'm glad you're back, I've really missed your poems. you know no one else seems to write any? And even if they do you actually have form (much appreciated) and I find that I really like yours better. ^_^

anyway, welcome back!!!

Danzibar said...

thanks so much guys! and Bethany: guys are certainly an inspiration to keep composing and posting. I wasn't aware I was read by any great amount of people but I really appreciate the encouragement from all of you. :)

"All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."